Stiga Las Vegas 9.1.2006

Mikko, Timo and Ismo said goodbye to Finland and headed for Las Vegas. Only Ismo would come back..

The tournament site was the fanciest ever! Of course it's a casino.

There was a constant splish-splash show on the other side of the street.

This was Ismo's lame-looking hotel. Some new hotel is always being built in Vegas.

The famous aliens were warmly greeted and treated. The atmosphere was great!

A classic game of Coleco design.

Timo's in the zone and won't lose to the Americans.

The American players had very fast hands! Timo's turn to get his ass kicked by Jacob(Samoa).

The playoffs saw Ismo facing Bernie and the legendary Ron Marzik take Timo for a ride!

In the second round Pontus wonders where did they dig up this farmer.

Mikko is surprisingly the first Finn to drop out, against Herman Steen.

The winners won't leave empty-handed.

There's a little time to check out the rest of Vegas.

Are you looking for a fight?

Free fish displays are butt-ugly.

Even these can be found in a Hilton.

It's a long way through the desert.

To see the great hole in the ground.

A message from the Department of Homeland Security.

San Francisco time!

What's with all the sea lions?

Surf time with more signs.

The red bridge.

Japanese Garden.

Rainbow City. Does your mother know you play table hockey?

Alcatraz. They put Clint Eastwood in here.

It's time to say goodbye!

Kuvat: © Ismo Aulaskari


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